Physics is an attempt conceptually to grasp reality as something that is considered to be independent of its being observed. In this sense one speaks of physical reality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Albert Einstein

Why Do Mirrors Flip Horizontally?

Spongebob Mirror Image-SciLynkIt is always a fun exercise to play with your image in the mirror. Inspite of being right in front of you, it tricks you like nothing else. If you raise your right hand the image raises it’s left. But if you raise your hand up, the image also raises it up, not down. So what is exactly happening over here? After all the mirror is just a plane surface. How does it differentiate between the left-right and up-down directions?

The Power of Electric Shocks

Most of you must have experienced personally or have heard about electric shocks and also know how lethal it can be in some cases. It’s something which is taught and made aware of to the children from a very young age. The knowledge about electric shocks is also a very important lesson when it comes to personal safety and first-aid.

All about the Cheerios Effect

Many of you must have had cornflakes and cheerios for breakfast once or multiple times. Even if you finish the milk, the flasks remain in the bowl clung to the sides. Have you ever thought what is the physics behind this behavior? Basically, its due to some of the basic properties of fullied and the phenomenon is known as the Cheerios Effect. Let’s have a deeper look into it.

Leidenfrost Effect: Mystery behind dancing droplets on a hot pan

Fluids are pretty amazing in their behavioral nature. For example, if you heat up a container filled with water, what will happen? It will begin to boil and if heated further it will eventually evaporate. But have you ever thought if we pour droplets of water on a heating container? If not let me tell you about the observation you are likely to observe.

Kaye Effect in Shampoos

Well, how many of you love to play or experiment with shampoos and soaps? If you are one of them then this article is like a treat to you all. We often hear that science is all around us in our day to day life and it is also very true. But, it is surprising to know that the small things we happen to ignore demonstrate basic laws of science in a practical way. In today’s article, we are going to discuss something that’s very common yet we fail to observe it.

The Rope Coiling Effect – A Fluid Property

All of you must be familiar with the motion of honey when you pour it, isn’t it? It’s a very common and usual thing we all have observed in our day to day lifeWhenever we pour honey from its bottle or a spoon it falls of the surface forming alternate sheet-like layers. This is pretty amazing. What will happen if we pour it at high speed?


Slinky Free Fall

What will happen if you drop a fully vertically stretched slinky under gravity? Have you thought about it?

Well, if not then think over it and see whether your prediction is correct or not.


Improvised Burglar Alarms based on Quantum Mechanics

quantum burglar alarmBurglar Alarm is one of the most reliable systems that might ensure you a relaxed goodnight sleep, isn’t it? But, what if we tell you that the system itself is flawed and can be spoofed to avoid detection? However, you don’t have to worry about it. Researchers have proposed a better and foolproof solution to it.


Understanding the medley of clouds for the forecast

Though climate change issue is a global phenomenon and we are tempted to understand the global distribution and variation of cloud cover, we should keep in mind that clouds, as they depend on local convective wind currents which vary a lot, keep changing their shape and occurrence more frequently at local scales. We have different types of clouds as cloud formation takes place at different heights and temperatures keeping in mind that collision of air masses similar in temperature and moisture content is a prime necessity.



How do the clouds cloud the weather predictions?

Many of us must be aware that banking on weather forecast beyond a stipulated number of days is fatalistic. The issues primarily being data collection and limitations of a computer, alongside the chaotic behavior that our Earth’s climatic system possesses which basically means that any small change in the conditions unaccounted for can bring drastic variation in the end result, play a decisive role in weather forecasting.


Cats: The Physics behind their falls

Cats are one of the most beautiful as well as ferocious creatures of the entire animal kingdom. But, they also have a unique behavior that fancies the physics enthusiasts. If you have spent a lot of time with or around a cat, you would have observed that most of the old aged cats land on all four feet when the fall.


The Bernoulli Ghost – Physics Behind It

The Swiss mathematician and physicist, from a family full of prominent mathematicians, Daniel Bernoulli discovered the principle that bears his name while conducting experiments concerning an even more fundamental concept: “The Conservation of Energy”.



The Energy of the universe is not constant?

Energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to the other.’ We are told that this is a fundamental law of the universe, but what if this law is not that fundamental as we see it. Ever given a thought to it? Why does energy have to be constant?



Recorded Voice: Why does it sound different?

Have you ever witness the bizarre sound of your voice when you hear it in a recording? Well, every one of us must have experienced this at one time or the other with our recorded voice. But, do you know the reason behind this? Let’s find it out.


Quantum Theory – A brief history

All of us are more or less familiar with the Classical Newtonian Physics. However, it fails, when we have a system traveling at very high speed. Consider very small systems like individual atoms and even particles out of which they are made off. This is where the Quantum Theory came into the field of physics and changed its dimensions.

Places where Gravity doesn’t seem to work.

One of the most essential discoveries by mankind is Gravity. But nature never fails to surprise us. There is a certain place throughout the world, where gravity doesn’t seem to act. Well, even though there are explanations behind this, but still it fancies common people a lot. Here are a few of there places. Get ready to experience the bizarre beauty of nature.

Bursting Droplets Experiment

Ever came across the term Bursting Droplets? Water, Alcohol and Oil, these three liquids are unique in there own properties. What will happen if they all are put together? Have you ever imagined this? If not then here is a very unique experiment know as Bursting Droplets.

Fracking: Boom or Threat?

One of the advancements in the extraction process is of hydraulic fracking, commonly known as fracking. The extraction of natural gas and oil employ Facking techniques. Most important, it has become a widely debatable topic, as to whether this technology is safe for the environment.

Symphony of Music & Science.

Music Lovers and Science Enthusiasts, most importantly have you ever thought of a symphony of Science and the beauty of Sound all together? We are here with a real life experiment demonstrating a perfect synchronized masterpiece of science and musical vibrations.Therefore, get ready to feel the Rhythm of Vibrations with the Principles of Science.



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