Chemistry is necessarily an experimental science: its conclusions are drawn from data, and its principles supported by evidence from facts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – Michael Faraday

    Solvatochromism – One solute, multiple colors, endless possibilities

    Most chemicals impart almost the same colour irrespective of the solvent they are dissolved in. However, there are some exceptional compounds that impart ‘solvent dependent colour’ when dissolved fully. Such compounds are said to be Solvatochromic (No prizes for guessing!) Solvatochromism is the phenomenon observed when the colour due to a solute, differs depending on the solvent used. Some common solvatochromic dyes are shown below:

    Sunburns- Can you screen them?

    I am sure, every one of you must have some sort of sunscreen creams or lotions for the summers in your cosmetics collections. These days many makeup cosmetics are available in the market claiming to provide sun protection and the ladies might consider this to a blessing in disguise of beauty. Well, it’s true up to some extent but since when does the ads have shown the complete truth. In this article, I will be talking about sunburn, how it caused and how effective sunscreens and cosmetics are towards it.

    What is the Quality of your Soap?

    With the abundance of products and competition in the market, every manufacturer delivers ads on the various media platform. They are claiming their products to be best as it has got so many features and ingredients. Now, that’s a hell of a neck to neck competition. This leaves the consumers bewildered and in a dilemma to purchase which one among so many products. In this article, we will focus on the soap industry of India. As soaps form one the basic daily required substance, you must be aware of its qualities and grades.

    The Chemistry behind Skin Moisturizers

    Winter is fast approaching around the corner and as the days are passing by the climate is changing exponentially. Apart from the cold, one of the major problem during winter is Dry Skin. It’s a very common problem faced by almost everyone regardless of the age. Let’s try to take a dive into the chemistry behind drying of skin during winter and the working action of Skin Moisturisers.

    Homochirality – Mirror Asymmetry in Life and in Space

    Most molecules used by life exist in two forms that are mirror images of each other. One of the great unanswered questions in our evolutionary history is why all life on Earth and their critical biological molecules like amino acids and proteins use only one of these forms. For instance, sugars are exclusively right-handed, amino acids are left-handed, and even DNA coils into right-handed helices. We call this phenomenon of single handedness homochirality, but how and why did our single-handed world emerge?

    Chemistry behind Hand Grenades: How do they work?

    All of you must have witnessed the use of hand grenades either in action movies or games. The most fascinating fact about them is that they are small and deadly at the same time. This lead to the curiosity in me to know above the chemistry involved the functioning of grenades. Let’s find it out,

    Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells: Bipyridines Implementation

    Chemistry of Fear

    A team of investigators from the Salk Institute uncovered new clues about the mechanisms of fear and anxiety through an unlikely creature: the tiny nematode worm. By analyzing the responses of worms exposed to chemicals secreted by its natural predator and studying the underlying molecular pathways, the team uncovered a rudimentary fear-like response that has parallels to human anxiety.

    Hydrogen from Plastics, using Sunlight

    We are all aware of the fact that plastics are one of the most common and harmful non-biodegradable waste. But, is it necessary to recycle the waste in its native form only. What if we can recycle it into some other form? Something more useful, more valuable and more potentially efficient.

    Adhesion improved on rough surfaces.

    Scientists have developed a new adhesive structure that improvises adhesion, even to the rough surface. Adhesion is involved whenever industrial components are moved without leaving any residues behind. But the surfaces of these objects are never completely smooth. 

    Amazing Experiments of Chemistry

    Chemistry has always been a fancy subject when it comes to experiment and observations. Here is a collection of some of the mind-blowing experiments and the theory behind their fancy observations.

    Blue Light – Harmful for our Eyes

    All of us might have heard that the blue light from electronic gadgets is harmful to our eyes? But do you know how and why? Well, chemists have made some recent discoveries regarding the same.Most importantly, the blue light from various digital gadgets and UV rays penetrate your eyes all the way to our retina.

    Tastes: Science behind Flavors


    Have you ever faced a change of Tastes and Flavors when you are different altitudes? Ever thought about it? Well, our taste senses respond differently as per the external factors around us like the sense of smell.

    Fast-charging devices on the move: Complex metal oxides are the key

    Aren’t you irritated by charging your device, again and again, all through the day? Does your device take hours to get charged when you need it the most?




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