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Akshat Mishra
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3rd Year Undergraduate

Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai

Abhijeet Mahato
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3rd Year Undergraduate

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

One of the advancements in the extraction process is of hydraulic fracking, commonly known as fracking. The extraction of natural gas and
AI report
With the birth of the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), many new dimensions of innovations are coming up. AI controlled
All of us might have heard that the blue light from electronic gadgets is harmful to our eyes? But do you
The Sun is a core of our Solar System. Have you ever thought about what are some of the facts
Have you ever faced change of Tastes and Flavors when you are different altitudes ? Ever thought about it ?
What happens To Your Body If You Stopped taking Sleep? Lack of sleep may eventually kill you. Here is what
Ever thought how our genetic information is stored in a DNA? Scientists and Researches are bring out work to bring
Is Earth is the only planet where we can live? Is life possible anywhere else in the universe?Several exoplanets already
Aren’t you irritated of charging your device again and again all through the day? Does your device take hours to
How deep mankind as a can go deep into the earth's surface?  Also how high can we go from the
By looking at the layers beneath our feet, geologists are able to identify and describe crucial episodes in life’s history.
Imagine if there was a perfect number, a single number so flawless it formed the basis for all art and music.
The outer space holds many fascinating mysteries, but also, many deadly dangers. It is a violent place in which phenomena
The Perseids are often the most impressive Meteor Shower of the year . The Perseids offers a consistently high meteors
Probably one of the greatest and most important invention of the modern era is the 'INTERNET'. Initially it appeared as
Artificial Embryos Synthesis
Embryo Artificial Synthesis Scientists have successfully grown a mouse embryo in the lab using only stem cells. This indicates most
Synthesis of Artificial Embryos is a Reality now. In a breakthrough that redefines how life can be created, embryologists working
Music Vs Science - A real life experiment Music Lovers and Science Enthusiasts, most importantly have you ever thought of
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