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" The opposite of a profound truth is another profound truth. "
Akshat Mishra
Co-Founder & Blogger

3rd Year Undergraduate

Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai

Abhijeet Mahato
Co-Founder & Blogger

3rd Year Undergraduate

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

By- Vishwas Singh Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai   You surely would have loved playing around with integer
All you are definitely a fan of some Superhero movies or have fascinated a Science Fiction movie. What makes the
The Universe is full of mysteries in its own. But, the major task is to dig deep through these mysteries to
If you feel a sudden, uncontrollable chill when you’re afraid, cold or emotional, why do you get goosebumps? Ever thought
quantum burglar alarm
  Burglar Alarm is one of the most reliable systems that might ensure you a relaxed goodnight sleep, isn't it?
Let's play a short game: 1. Choose a four-digit number. (The only condition is that it has at least two
Scientists were able to determine the spatial arrangement of bipyridine molecules (gray) on a surface of nickel and oxygen atoms
Cells forming a biofilm, a bacterial cell community protected from environmental stress and a source of antibiotic resistance, in a
“Just look up at them, refer to your past, An observation gets you a valid forecast.” -By Prabhu Prasad Swain
Scientists in the United States and Saudi Arabia have harnessed the abilities of both a solar cell and a battery
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 was awarded by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences “for groundbreaking inventions in the field
The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded by The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet jointly to  James
"Crystals in the blue sky waits for a testament, Their wholesome match cloud all judgment." -By Prabhu Prasad Swain Centre
The beauty of mathematics is the number of mysteries the numbers hold themselves. Numbers are something which we are aware
Salk team charts pathway for fear in worms to reveal more about human anxiety A team of investigators from the
On a clear night, you can see stars in the sky for millions of millions of miles. But not all
“Venoms of bees and ants had been a subject of research for some decades, but there had been little research on
Cats are one of the most beautiful as well as ferocious creatures of the entire animal kingdom. But, they also
Daniel Andrew Andy Beal born November 29 1952 is an American banker, businessman, investor, and amateur mathematician. He proposed his
We are all aware of the fact that plastics are one of the most common and harmful non-biodegradable waste. But,
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