About Us


Our Mission

  • To engrave Science in everyone’s Daily Life.
  • To build a Science Blogging community and platform of Indian Origin where ideas and knowledge can be propagated to the masses.
  • We want the ardent people from all backgrounds of science and technology to contribute together to create an exclusive pool of knowledge.

Personal Information

SciLynk comes up with the reporting of research, discovery and updates from the varied fields of science and technology. We make efforts to dig up the stories that are far the reach of most curious minds. We tend to narrow down the news from the world of Science on to a single platform, in order to make it an easy access for the lovers of science.

SciLynk also gives exposure and encourages science enthusiasts and bloggers (interested, amateur as well as professionals) to use this platform and reach to a variety of diverse audience. Join SciLynk and follow your passion for blogging. You can contact us through our Social Media handles or mail us – support@scilynk.in

Our Story

A group of Science enthusiasts realizes the fact that the major inclination of students towards

science is material, just to get a degree, and not really to get involved in the advancements in the field of science and technology.

This ignites the idea of having a platform to make the happenings in the world of science and technology easily accessible and significantly recognized to everyone. The major initiative is to build up a spirit of innovation and science among the people, especially the young curious minds of the upcoming generations.

SciLynk is an interactive science platform where curious minds meet.

This website is focused on bringing out science from books to real life curiosities.