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" The opposite of a profound truth is another profound truth. "
Akshat Mishra

Akshat Mishra

Co-Founder & Blogger

3rd Year Undergraduate at Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai

Abhijeet Mahato

Abhijeet Mahato

Co-Founder & Blogger

3rd Year Undergraduate at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Spongebob Mirror Image-SciLynk
Why Do Mirrors Flip Horizontally?
-By Akshat MishraCentre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai It is always a fun exercise to play with your image
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Chika's Divisibility Test of 7
Chika’s Test and Proof
No matter whether you liked or hated mathematics in your school, I can say you must have loved fancying about
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Mission Opportunity- The story of the longest-lived robot in the solar system
-By Sushrut ManeBlogger, SciLynk The story of the longest-lived robot in the solar system…. Mars has always been a source
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Sunburns- Can you screen them?
Image by Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay During summers what’s the most common thing every one of is more worried off
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Insight on Protein & Muscle Building
Now a days the whole of internet is flooded with fitness articles, blogs and videos. At present there are various
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Top 10 Astronomical Observatories in India
India is rapidly advancing in the field of space technology and has become among the most powerful space giants. This
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Beat-Boxing and Science
In this modern world of music industry and passion an entirely new tread of Beat-Boxing is at a swift rise.
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The Health Language of our Tongue
All of us has visited a general physician several times or at least once. There were two most interesting events
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Why Do Males Need Females?
-By Anoushka SachdevaCentre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai Best science starts with simplest questions which no one bothered to answer
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How does Google displays Traffic Status around you?
During my childhood, I have observed my father taking some extra time to catch up with the radio every time
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